Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions that will help you get a better understanding of how the MentorsWork 12-week business-support programme can provide targeted supports to help you sustain and improve your business.


What do I get as part of the MentorsWork programme?

MentorsWork is a structured 12-week business-support programme, comprising an integrated approach of mentoring and targeted learning opportunities. The programme includes:

  • In-depth Online Competency Assessment
  • One-to-One Mentoring Sessions
  • Unlimited access to Peer-Focused Workshops
  • Unlimited access to Expert-Led Masterclasses
  • Bespoke Business Improvement Plan


Am I eligible?

Private sector businesses based in Ireland with between 1 and 250 employees are eligible to participate in MentorsWork.

Certain businesses are not eligible to participate in MentorsWork:

  • Private sector businesses with over 250 employees
  • Public sector organisations
  • Charity or not-for-profit organisations
  • Businesses based outside the Republic of Ireland


I’m a sole trader / freelancer. Do I still qualify for the programme?

Yes. MentorsWork is available for registered sole trader and limited businesses, even if you are the only employee.


I have just registered my start-up company, can I apply right away for the programme?

Your business would need to be operational and trading for you to fully benefit from the MentorsWork programme. We help small and medium business’ improve their established systems by having all participants complete our in-depth assessment form, to discover what areas would need to be targeted. To fill this form out effectively you would need to know what system you currently have in place.


Do I have to be the business owner to apply for the programme?

MentorsWork is available to all owners, managers and leadership team across Ireland.


How much time would I have to dedicate to completing this programme?

The programme requires a minimum of 24-hours commitment over the course of the 12 weeks. Participants have daily access to 2-hour interactive Workshops and 1-hour expert-led Masterclasses.


Do I have to be an SFA member in order to apply?

You do not need to be an SFA (Small Firms Association) member to qualify. If you are interested in what an SFA membership can offer, visit www.sfa.ie


Are there any hidden costs I should expect?

MentorsWork is currently a government subsidised programme which means it comes at no cost to the applicants and there are no additional fees along the way.


How long does the approval process take?

Once you have filled in our application form, The MentorsWork Programme Team will be in contact within 5 working days.


Do I get to choose the mentor that I work with?

During the application process, you will select the areas you want to tackle from a range of options. Based on your selections, we will assign you an experienced mentor who will work with you on a one-to-one basis throughout the 12 weeks. However, you can discuss the choice of mentor/s with our Head of Mentoring, on your Onboarding session. We have over 200 mentors across all industry sectors and specialists in your targeted area of improvement such as digitisation, HR management, sales, finance, marketing and all aspects of business growth and management.


What if I want to improve more than one area of my business??

If you have more than one area you wish to improve, please mention this to our Head of Mentoring on your Onboarding session. You may be able to get two separate mentors, one targeted for each area.



MentorsWork – Your Pathway to Business Success

The MentorsWork FREE 12-week business-support programme provides targeted supports to help SMEs across Ireland sustain and improve their business.

We know that owning or managing a business can be difficult, with a wide range of challenges to navigate. Ensuring you have the right skills, tools, and competencies to develop your business is a critical process. MentorsWork is here to support you, where it matters most.

MentorsWork is comprised of an integrated approach of mentoring and targeted learning opportunities, including:

– In-depth Online Competency Assessment
– One-to-One Mentoring Sessions
– Unlimited access to Peer-Focused Workshops
– Unlimited access to Expert-Led Masterclasses

Click the apply button below now to register and begin your MentorsWork journey to business success.





*Private sector businesses based in Ireland with between 1 and 250 employees.